Downloading DNC files from the National DNC Registry

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Once you have an Subscription Account Number (SAN) and have completed the registration process with the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call Registry, you can begin downloading files for the area codes for which you have subscribed. There are two basic download types that can be downloaded from the Registry.

Full List Download is a download that contains all the registered telephone numbers within the area codes that are part of your organizations subscription. Downloads of multiple area codes or states have to be done sequentially by file. Each area code or state list is a discrete file. A download of the entire National Registry is one discrete file. This is the file type that we recommend you download to use with Call List Scrubber.
Change List Download is a download that contains telephone numbers added to or deleted from the National Registry since the last time your organization downloaded its subscription. You will be notified by email when the change list download is ready, which may take up to 24 hours. At this time, Call List Scrubber does not support the Change List Download file type primarily because the developers felt that downloading the Full List Download each time was more accurate and because downloading the Full List Download does not require a 24 hour waiting period.

You can select two different file types when downloading either the Full List Download or the Change List Download.

Flat Text File is a comma-delimited flat text file (for the full list) containing one area code and telephone number per line, separated by a comma. A comma-delimited text file (for the change list) has several data items per record, separated by commas.

XML Tagged File is an XML tagged file containing both data and markers ("tags") with information in angle brackets that indicate the nature of the data.

Call List Scrubber can process either the Flat Text File or the XML Tagged File. When you import the files you have downloaded, Call List Scrubber automatically detects which file type you downloaded and adjusts accordingly.

When you download files from the Do Not Call Registry, the files are compressed to make downloads faster and more secure. You can use any standard software that can decompress zipped files to expand the files once they are stored on your own computer. If you do not have any decompression software installed on your computer you can download it from one of the Web sites that offer such software: for PKZIP for WinZip

To uncompress the downloaded area code files, you will need to rename the downloaded file to conform to the conventions required by the decompression software you are using. For example, you may need to rename the file so it has a .ZIP file extension. After you rename the file, then click on it to launch the decompression software. For details, you should consult the documentation for your decompression software.

You can extract the compressed files to any folder on your computer, but you may want to create a special folder just to store the files and then extract all of the area code files you download into the same folder. This will make things easier later when you import them into Call List Scrubber. By using a single folder for all your area code files, you will not have to search all over your hard drive to find each file. Also, because Call List Scrubber remembers the last folder you imported from, the next file you try to load will be very easy to locate.